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Medical costs are extremely high in the U.S., it’s very risky to not have any medical insurance if you are traveling or studying in the U.S.

If you are travelers with B1/B2 visas, you may not qualify for U.S. resident health insurance plans, but you can purchase short term medical plans to meet your basic health insurance needs. Short-term medical plans or Travel medical plans usually have the following key exclusions that resident health insurance plans do not have:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Routine medical examinations and care (i.e. annual physical check-up, immunizations etc.)
  • Routine pre-natal, pregnancy, child birth, and post-natal care
  • Medical expenses for injury or illness resulting from participation in some sports
  • Medical expenses related to any form of cancer or neoplasm
  • Mental health disorders

Also, travel plans are usually cheaper than a full price resident health plan, but they have annual maximum limits while resident health insurance plans have none.

If you are students with F1/F2/J1 visas, you may qualify for resident health insurance, but you can’t get government subsidies and the cost is much higher than just buying regular student health plans. If you just need to satisfy the school requirements, a cheaper student plan should just do the job.

We have been insuring travelers and students for more than 10 years and we handpick the following plans for your choice:

IMG Patriot America Platinum

Maximum Limits: $2,000,000 to $8,000,000
Deductible: $0
Emergency medical evacuation: up to maximum limit
In-network: IMG pays 100%
Out-of-network: IMG pays 90% up to $5,000, then 100%
Emergency Room: $250 deductible
Prescription Drugs: Up to the maximum limit
COVID-19 Coverage: Up to Policy Maximum (Contraction and Treatment must occur after effective date)

IMG Student Health Advantage Platinum

Maximum limit: $1,000,000 per policy, $500,000 per injury/illness
Deductible: PPO Provider: $25 per illness or injury ; Non-PPO provider: $50 per illness or injury
Emergency medical evacuation: $500,000 maximum limit
        In-network: IMG pays 100%
       Out-of-network: IMG pays 80% up to $5,000, then 100%
Emergency Room: $250 deductible
Maternity and Newborn Care: $5,000 max limit
Mental Health: IMG pays $50 per day up to $500 max limit

Wellaway Global Work & Study

Maximum limit: $300,000 per policy, $200,000 per injury/illness
Deductible: $50 per illness or injury in-network
Emergency medical evacuation: $50,000 maximum limit
Coinsurance: In-network Wellaway pays 90%
Out-of-pocket Maximum: $1,000
Emergency Room: $250 deductible
Prescription Drugs: $30 copay
Mental Health: Wellaway pays 90% up to $500 max limit

*  All above plans are using United Healthcare Options PPO Network.

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